• We've tried these beauty apps so you don't have to

    We might be digitally savvy here at Espressoh HQ, but it does not mean that we do not love ourselves some user-friendly experience with a one-two-step routine. The same goes for make-up: zero effort with mind blowing result. With equivalent approach, we searched wide and far the depths of the App... View Post
  • GLASSY launch, Milano

     How do you spell G L A S S Y? Why, [ B - E - L - L - O ] of course!   At least that is how all of the press and special guests at our recent Glassy event reacted when they first have encountered this new baby in town. We were pleased to share this delicious newbie with all of Espressoh friends,... View Post
  • A Beauty Product According To Your Favourite 90s Muse (And Every Nose Out There)

    We love the 90s goddess-like-drop-dead-gorgeous-zero-filter women, whom to this day dominate all of your moody IG posts (somehow). They were fierce, different and had a personality to show for it. With that said, knowing that you love them just as much as we do, we have assembled products accordi... View Post
  • Vitamin C: Uncovered

    Vitamin C is a prominent Celebrity among the skincare fanfare, a leading lady of sorts, but with a quiet hype. You know it is good for you without double guessing like you did with CBD oils or Gua Sha, and yet you are here, curious whether it is worth the buy.  Before we dive in, let’s make thin... View Post